A Weekend Nature Based Retreat

WHEN: November 13th - 14th, 2021

Yollotl Cuicatl invites you to join them this Fall for a weekend-long retreat for therapists.

This will be an experiential retreat including Ritual and Ceremony, Journaling, Mindfulness practices, expressive arts and deep reflection.

We will immerse ourselves in a nurturing experience with fellow mental health practitioners, exploring daily practices that support our bodies, hearts and minds towards feeling grounded and connected to our roots. Collectively exploring and learning from each other, in a mutually supportive environment. Decolonizing and deconstructing old paradigms and narratives that keep us from tapping into our intuition and medicine within.

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  • Connection to your ancestral roots, a deeper relationship with nature and the elements
  • Practical tools to implement for everyday self-preservation
  • Personal and professional transformation- an inner knowing of who you are and what you need/want (how you want to live your life)
  • A restored, grounded, and nourished body
  • A joyful heart and calm-content mind (you will learn to drop the stories)
  • Community of like-minded colleagues

HOURS: Saturday 10 - 8PM PST and Sunday 8 - 5 pm PST.

Emilia-Ortega-Jara LCSW

Emilia Ortega- Jara, LCSW, will be facilitating and hosting this years retreat.

Emilia is founder and clinical director of Corazon Counseling Service and Yollotl Cuicatl Coaching & Guidance. With over 20 years of working in the mental health field, Emilia has been a longtime advocate for culturally and linguistically appropriate mental health services for the Latinx/Chicanx community and has worked with various social justice organizations and community based mental health agencies.

Emilia highlights the importance of culture, ceremony and ritual throughout the work she facilitates, incorporating aspects of traditional indigenous wisdom and modern psychotherapy techniques. In addition to her psychotherapy practice, Emilia provides community trainings and workshops on various topics related to maternal mental health and facilitates rites of passage ceremonies from puberty to motherhood. Emilia is also a cultural practitioner and ceremonial Aztec dancer, living in harmony and connected to the land and elements of nature, being in ceremony every day, guided by her ancestors.